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Conference Call Training

Give yourself and your sales staff the “Benton Edge” to outperform the competition.  No trainer knows more about the sales process than Don Benton.  From prospecting to presentation to closing and the all important after closing care of the customer, Don Benton covers it all.  Want to see an increase in productivity?  Then have Don join your sales meeting on the important topic of goal setting.  How to determine what your goals should be, how to set them and how to develop an action plan for achieving them.

One Hour Conference Call

You will receive so much usable material in this one hour you will think you have attended an all day seminar.  45 minutes of presentation with fifteen minutes of question and answer from the sales guru himself, Don Benton.  Investment: $1,000.  Click here to order.

You Choose The Topic

  1. Prospecting
  2. Objection handling
  3. Sales Presentation Skills
  4. Selling Against Yellow Pages (Minimum 3 sessions)
  5. Goal Setting (recommended with # 6)
  6. Achieving Goals (recommended with # 5)
  7. Creative Marketing
  8. How to cut Newspaper costs and still get great results (Minimum 2 sessions)

Three Hours of Conference Call Training

You will receive three hours of training from the greatest sales trainer in the broadcast industry today.  This sales training is universal and can be applied to any industry.  Choose three hours from the topics list above and receive a $250 discount and eight copies of Don’s latest success book “Success Is A Decision Of The Mind” (a $240 Value).  Investment for the 3 hour package: $2,750.  Click here to order.

Customized Conference Call

Perfect for all kinds of training and/or management advice.  Don Benton has sold millions of dollars in products and services, managed large sales teams, negotiated huge contracts, raised millions in donated contributions and hired (and fired) top level sales people, consultants and college presidents.  Use his expert advice to help you fine tune your decisions and your plans for the future.  Investment: $1,500 per hour.  Click here to order

All conference calls (except customized) are the property of The Benton Group and will be recorded for quality control and potential future sales products.  Clients may receive an MP3 audio file of the training for an additional charge of $57 (customized calls are provided with a cd at no additional cost).


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