Sales Training

The Benton Group offers several types of sales training to meet the needs of your business in a changing market enviornment. Below is a short description of the training events currently available, these include:

Newspaper Educational Training-

To provide one day of media exclusive on-sight consulting to your account executives training them how to actively convert advertising revenue from the Newspapers into advertising based upon the "consult-sell" approach. The selling cycle is structured and is designed to last twelve weeks. Click above for more details.

Yellow Page Conversion Training-

To provide one or two days of consulting to your account executives, training them with our exclusive program to convert advertising revenue from the Yellow Pages into your company. This training will also include sessions on how to set and achieve goals, as well as effective cold calling techniques. Click above for more details.

DVD Sales Training-

Two of the most powerful DVD video training sessions ever created for anyone who is selling anything.

Conference Call Training-

Give yourself and your sales staff the “Benton Edge” to outperform the competition. No trainer knows more about the sales process than Don Benton. From prospecting to presentation to closing and the all important after closing care of the customer, Don Benton covers it all. Want to see an increase in productivity? Then have Don join your sales meeting on the important topic of goal setting. How to determine what your goals should be, how to set them and how to develop an action plan for achieving them.